Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Golf Dad Who Has Everything

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Golf Dad Who Has Everything.

Father’s Day is coming up. Have you thought about what to buy for a Father’s Day gift yet? If you left it until now it might be too late to get that perfect gift but you should still try to wow and impress! Going to the gas station and picking up some gift cards won’t cut it. So I picked out a few last-minute Father’s Day gifts that are unique and perfect for the golf dad who already has everything.

Biodegradable Golf Balls.

Of course, I am going to tell you that our biodegradable golf balls are the perfect Father’s Day present. For an added twist of awesomeness, why don’t you have something custom printed on the balls? We do in-house custom ball printing with our awesome UV Printer. Email us for more information at hello@biodegradablegolfballs.com

Our balls use a water-activated biodegrading formula of simple eco-friendly ingredients.

Golf is great. Dad is great. However, accidents happen. Not every ball is retrievable. However, we need to take responsibility for what we do. Did you know that it is estimated that 100,000 golf balls are lost on the California coast alone? Worldwide estimates for lost balls are in the millions! This causes thousands of pounds of microplastics to enter the ecosystem. Traditional golfballs are frequently coated in Zinc Oxide, Zinc Acrylate, and Benzoyl Peroxide – Two heavy metals and an Acne Cream. These chemical coatings wear off golf balls in saltwater, damaging marine life and irreversibly leeching into the water supply. 

Our biodegradable golf balls are the perfect solution for an eco-friendly Father’s Day gift that is unique for the difficult to buy for golfer.

Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tee’s

So you picked him up a package of our balls, don’t tell me you expect him to drive them off some plastic golf tees? Oh no, that won’t do!

To add that wow factor, grab a bag of our biodegradable bamboo golf tees! We craft these out of naturally and sustainably grown bamboo. Long lasting and durable, more so than a painted wooden tee. These beauties are a beast, less prone to snapping and can be reused multiple times. In addition, with our unique choice of excluding any coatings or varnishes, they also degrade and decompose quicker and thus, unlikely to cause any environmental-related issues.

Did you know that bamboos have a crazy rapid rate of growth compared to trees? That is one of the reasons why you are starting to see all kinds of sustainable products made from bamboo. A Bamboo Golf Tee can be considered more sustainable compared to a wooden golf tee. Our Bamboo Golf Tees are the most eco-friendly and sustainable golf tees in the universe. Bamboo is also a commonly used commodity because of its strength-to-weight ratio. So rest assured that these high-quality Bamboo Golf Tee are superior in quality and performance to any other types of golf tees. Don’t skim, order a 100-pack of Biodegradable Golf Canada’s Bamboo Golf Tee and keep the good times going!

The Birdebag Push Cart Organizational Pouch.

Birdebag is another unique product for the father golfer who has everything. We added a few of these pouches to our company’s golfing arsenal this season and we cannot believe we ever golfed without it! How we went so long trying to improve our drives and short game with pockets full is incomprehensible.

Birdebag is a full-service push cart organizational pouch. It has many well-thought-out pockets to hold everything you need. This free’s you up to focus on your game. We really love the insulated beverage pocket! Keeps morning coffee hot and evening pops cold. Check out all the cool features of the Birdebag:

· Magnetized front pocket.

 · Insulated beverage pocket.

 · Quick access middle pocket.

 · 3-in-1 pocket.

 · Secure back zippered pocket.

 · Double-layered microfiber pocket for glasses.

 · Front tee & pencil holder.

 · Adjustable Velcro straps.

The nice thing about Birdebag is how secure it holds. You can rock up and down rough terrain all day, nothing ever falls out. It swings and remains upright the whole time! 

Despite how strong and secure it is, the velcro straps easily come off. So when we want to go and enjoy a nice lunch we can easily and simply remove the pouch from our cart and take it with us. 

It is also stylish! It looks great on the cart and wherever you go with it. Right now they have it in two colours, Onxy and Pebble

You can order it online right from the website or ask your local pro shop if they stock it. If not, they really should! 

CaddySack Ball Dispenser

On the lighter side of things, a great gift for Dad is the CADDYSACK. Guaranteed he will get a hit out of this ball holder/

dispenser and they have 10% off right now if you use the code 4DAD.

CADDYSACK is the complete package. Strategically designed, the CADDYSACK ball holder/dispenser includes a weighted golf ball marker, golf towel, 2 golf balls and a carabiner. This unique addition to your gear setup will keep all your bits in one convenient spot and turn heads at the same time. Great for a laugh and surprisingly functional!

Easily squeeze the golf balls from the dispenser – No need to put golf balls in your pocket or go back to your golf cart. 

If Dad does not have a Caddysack impress him by being the first one to gift him one.

Gifts Should Be Fun/Functional

Couple of ideas for you last-minute Father’s Day shoppers. All of these gifts merge fun and functionality. A proper gift should be this way! Get them something they can actually use and will get enjoyment out of. 


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