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    Biodegradable Golf Balls – 96 Pack

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    These are great for novelty use – Not professional use! We recommend placing targets, wedging, and hangin’ in the sun while sipping on a Pinã Colada! Of course with a biodegradable straw.

    The Biodegradable Golf Ball here at www.biodegradablegolfballs.com is both eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment. Through extensive research and testing, our product is made with a special formula that renders it water-soluble and biodegradable when coming into contact in water. Furthermore, our product contains zero toxic materials and is 100% safe for both the marine ecosystem and the environment. Thus, you can rest assured that when a Biodegradable Golf Ball is dissolving in a body of water, there is no harm or damage done to the flora and fauna in its surrounding.

    Biodegradable Golf Balls are suitable for both hobbyists and leisure golfers. With top-notch quality and features, our product is also designed specifically with eco-friendliness in mind. Furthermore, we also strongly advocate for our customers to enjoy golfing in a sustainable
    manner, and this product is the best solution and alternative. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your very own Biodegradable Golf Balls now!

    Why Use Biodegradable Golf Balls?

    • Protects the aquatic environment and potentially hundreds and thousands of marine lives.
    • Preserve our world’s ecosystem.
    • Enjoy golf while being responsible and eco-friendly.
    • Increase environmental awareness.
    • Reduce plastic pollution, especially when it comes to oceans/lakes/rivers.
    • Water soluble and usually dissolves in a few weeks’ time.
    • Non-toxic and is completely safe when left to dissolve in waterways.

    Biodegradable Golf Balls are Carbon Neutral

    Why Should I Get Biodegradable Golf Balls?

    An average and conventional golf ball is usually made out of synthetic rubber, plastic and other compounds. These materials, while not seemingly harmless at first sight, is extremely harmful when it is dropped and launched into any waterways.

    Not only does it take a ridiculously long time for a normal golf ball to decompose naturally (100 – 1,000 years), once it does begin decomposing, its contents are toxic and are more than capable to harm the environment and the wildlife that exists within it. Firstly, as golf balls are primarily manufactured using rubber, not only are they capable of polluting whichever bodies of water they were deposited in, they can also kill or harm aquatic creatures and animals that live in the waterway. In fact, when a normal golf ball decomposes, it breaks off in smaller pieces (micro-plastics) and shards, thus, making it easily consumable by marine creatures and killing them.

    Our product, Biodegradable Golf Balls, can solve all these problems. By manufacturing our product with a special water-soluble formula and non-toxic materials, we are simultaneously reducing the amount of time it takes to biodegrade whilst eliminating any risks of any marine flora and fauna dying due to microplastics or ingestion or plastic-related materials. In the long term, our product is aimed at making golf as a sport more sustainable and environmental-friendly. As is stands, golf resorts, and particularly those located near lakes or beach fronts, are not only polluting our precious natural waterbodies but also endangering millions of animals and creatures’ lives that reside within these waters.

    To do your part as a responsible citizen of the world, join us in enjoying the sport of golf while preserving our precious ecosystem with Biodegradable Golf Balls.

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