Where To Purchase Authentic Biodegradable Golf Balls?

August 9, 2021 6:39 am Published by

Biodegradable Golf Balls Canada is the place to purchase these balls online. Be careful when buying from other websites, online resellers or mass online retailers as they are notorious for selling fake and inferior products. You cannot guarantee these outfits are providing you with genuine 100% eco-friendly fully biodegradable golf balls, as they often will mix in cheaper plastics and rubbers to lower the cost. These cheaper materials will not break down cleanly and will cause toxic pollution much the same as a regular golf ball.

If you see biodegradable golf balls at local events, pro shops or retailers look for our trademark logo to vouch for the authenticity of the product. Don’t see the logo or any eco-conscious golf ball options at the pro shop? Running an event and interested in large purchases? Biodegradable Golf Balls Canada offers bulk wholesale purchases for large orders!

Whether or not you are buying 24 or 2400 balls make sure you are getting a genuine 100% fully dissolvable golf ball from Biodegradable Golf Balls Canada.

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