8 Reasons to Feel Guilty About Hitting Golf Balls into the Water

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Nothing beats the feeling of cracking a few perfect drives into a body of water, especially since there is zero expectation that you will have to chase after the ball. Well unfortunately there are a few reasons to feel guilty about it. Here are 8 reasons that you should not hit gold balls into a body of water. But don’t worry, I am not here to spoil the fun. Biodegradable Golf Balls are a 100% eco-friendly and guilt-free alternative to traditional golf balls!

Here are a Few Reasons to Feel Guilty:

Picking up trash from ocean (Golf Balls and More ))

  1. No one has made a complete tally of golf balls lost in waterways, but by one estimate 300 million balls are thought to be discarded in American waters alone!
  2. Plastic pollution in the planetary water systems is reaching a catastrophic level and golf balls are part of the problem.
  3. It takes at least 100 and as many as 1000 years for a golf ball to fully decompose.
  4.  Modern high-tech balls typically include toxic substances like zinc oxide, zinc acrylate, and benzoyl peroxide. During decomposition, these dangerous chemicals break down and poison marine life.
  5. When the balls break down they release microplastics into the water, which work their way into the food and water supplies of animals and humans alike.
  6. The Danish Golf Union has called golf balls “humanities signature litter”.
  7.  It would be nearly impossible for humans to collect every ball lost at sea! At the prestigious Pebble Beach Golf Course in California efforts are underway to clean up the estimated 100 000 balls lost by its golfers every year. So far only about 50 000 have been recovered.
  8. Even if we collect the balls lost at sea some damage has already been done. From analyzing balls collected in point #7 it is estimated that 60 pounds of microplastics were already shed from the balls prior to recovery.

Luckily now there are Biodegradable golf balls that dissolve in water! These water-activated golf balls are 100% environmentally friendly. They contain nothing toxic and break down naturally once they get wet but retain the same characteristics of hitting a regular golf ball.

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This post was written by Mitchell Schols