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Why Buy Another UV Printer?

Remember when we bought a UV printer to put whatever our customers wanted onto a golf ball? It’s been a wild ride of a year, customized balls are a huge hit! So much so that we went out and bought the best UV printer our accountant would allow. Presenting our brand new Mimaki UJF 6042 Mark 2 E!

We can print a custom logo or text on our balls and the possibilities of what we can do with this are endless! Personalize them for corporate gifts, conference swag bags, memorable experiences, unique marketing tools, event items or anything you want!  Have a look at the custom ordering page.

We now have full control over the quality and sustainability of our ability to provide you with a custom logo golf ball. We gotta film a video of the new rig in action, but you can always check out Mitch printing a batch on our original printer.

We were so pumped at the new edition that we had to put it on our Gram

There are a lot of options on the market today to print onto products, we did our research and settled on in-house UV printing as the only option for us. We could have continued to outsource the process or tried a different printing method but after you stack all the reasons together the only logical way forward was to invest in our very own UV printer. We were so right! There is nothing like having full control of the process and knowing exactly what goes into the print. Can’t wait to start pumping out balls for you all on the new printer!

What is a UV Printer?

UV printers use special ink that is cured with ultraviolet light. They can print on many different surfaces and the ink holds up well. They can also print on uneven or oddly textured surfaces, like the surface of a golf ball with no distortion to the image. They print crisp and clean onto whatever needs to be printed on. This is one reason why we choose to utilize a UV printer for our golf balls, we want to make sure that your logo looks amazing on the dimpled surface of our biodegradable golf balls.

UV printers are the most environmentally friendly promotional printing option on the market, which was the primary driver for Biodegradable Golf Balls Canada to purchase and run a UV printer. UV-curable inks do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are harmful to the environment and human health. Also, UV printers use less ink than traditional printing methods keeping waste down.

We decided to buy our UV printer so we can have full control over the quality and environmental impact of the custom printing process from start to finish.

How Does a UV Printer Work?

We are pumped to have an in-house UV printer! This gives us full control over the printing process on the golf balls. When you place a customized golf ball order you can rest assured that the quality of the image will be 100% and the process will be environmentally friendly. We learned a lot about how a UV printer works from start to finish, and we get asked about it daily by people. Let’s break down how this machine operates.

Step one is the design and upload of the custom image or text that we want to print on the ball. Once we upload the image to the UV printer the next step is to load the bed with the balls to be printed onto. We can print up to 72 balls per print job! We load the balls and send them into the machine. The next step is to turn the lights off, so we get the full visual effect of the printer! That isn’t a necessary step but it’s fun.

This is where the magic of UV printing happens, blink and you’ll miss it because the process is fast!

The printer heads spray the ink onto the balls with flawless and consistent precision. UV inks are environmentally friendly especially compared to regular bubble jet or toner ink used in many other printing applications. They are cured by light and not by air like other inks. 

Next UV LED bulbs instantly cure the ink and boom it’s done and ready for you! LED bulbs are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Another reason why UV printing is a superior and sustainable printing method.


What’s Up With Mimaki UV Printers?

Founded in 1975 Mimaki is a world-leading Japanese company that specializes in industrial and commercial printers. We asked around and Mimaki is the name that comes up again and again when it comes to advanced UV printing tech and innovation. So Mimaki makes the best possible UV printers and that’s what we want in the shop to be able to print with flawless beauty on our balls.
That wasn’t the only consideration when it came to what company to buy our new printer from. Of course, we also looked at the company’s track record of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Mimaki stands out as a company that is committed to the same cause we are! Here is a direct quote right from the company website

“Mimaki is committed to developing eco-friendly printing systems and consumables, like our UV-LED and eco-solvent technologies as well as Greenguard Gold certified inks. These solutions help our customers meet their environmental goals by reducing harmful toxins, CO2 footprints, energy consumption and waste. We also partner with media vendors across the country that manufacturer substrates made of recyclable components.
As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to offer the cleanest and greenest products on the market today.”

Order Your Custom Logo Biodegradable Golf Ball Today!

Offering in-house customizable logo printing on our eco-friendly golf balls is one way that we are making sure our customers get a sustainable product that is sure to please. We can print any logo or design on a golf ball in sharp, vibrant colours. You can customize balls for your business or event, they are a fantastic marketing tool.

Order today right here!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions!



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