Are Biodegradable Golf Balls Worth The Cost?

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Cost Vs Traditional Balls.

Biodegradable Golf Balls cost about the same as a mid-level traditional ball and you may be wondering, why should I spend the money on dissolving golf balls when I could simply buy a low end ball for less? There is more to cost than the simple dollar figure at check out.

What is the TRUE cost of a traditional ball?

They may seem expensive but consider the following. Biodegradable Golf Balls are a neGolferw innovation, the balls decompose cleanly in the environment where as traditional balls will break down slowly and release toxic chemicals and micro plastics. Regular balls are made on mass in offshore factories that have been setup for years, so not only are they bad for the environment at the end of their life they have a higher environmental cost at the start of their life.

What Factors Into The Cost of Our Biodegradable Balls?

Biodegradable Golf Balls that are fully water soluble are made of PVA and corn starch so f

rom start to end of life the environmental impact is lower. Eco friendly golf balls are a new product we don’t yet have a large manufacturing operation to lower the cost like the big golf ball makers do. As with anything the larger the purchase the larger the savings!

How Can I Save Money and The Ecosystem?

That question is why we offer a 144 pack of balls of water dissolvable golf balls at a lower price! By purchasing our eco friendly balls you are doing your part to help reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and microplastics that end up in our waterways and food chains everyday. Now that you know where you can buy eco friendly golf balls grab a pack and get swinging!

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