Golf Balls

  • Water Soluble Golf Balls

  • By selecting a water-activated biodegrading compound, we pre-emptively solved the previously unknown problem of golfball spoilage, a challenge unique to green golfing.

  • Eco Friendly Golf Balls

  • Golf is great, and accidents happen - but we need to take responsibility for our planet. An estimated 100,000 golf balls are lost in coastal Californian resorts annually, leading to thousands of pounds of microplastics entering the ecosystem. It's time to make a change.

  • Non-Toxic

  • Traditional golfballs are frequently coated in Zinc Oxide, Zinc Acrylate, and Benzoyl Peroxide - Two heavy metals and an Acne Cream. These chemical coatings wear off golfballs in saltwater, damaging marine life and irreversibly leeching into the water supply.

  • Dissolving Golf Balls

  • Our biodegradable golf balls are the perfect solution for Waterfront Driving Ranges hoping to attract environmentally conscious millennials and avoid expensive pollution fines from federal and state governments.


Golf Balls That Dissolve in Water

A Canadian based company offering top-quality Biodegradable Golf Balls.

Shipping around the world, we are based on the integrity of our balls. Based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada; Biodegradable Golf Balls .com is a unique company focusing on both Water Soluble and Biodegradable Golf Ball Alternatives for Yacht & Resort Owners, Boaters, Events, Parties & Cruises.

No-Guilt Golf Ball Shooting for creating relaxing memories — without damaging the environment!

Biodegradable Golf Balls are a great alternative to regular balls that do not biodegrade and stay in the oceans, forests, lakes, rivers and bodies of water for years upon years — damaging our environment and disrupting the water-life.

Consider purchasing Environmentally Friendly Golf Balls to leisurely shoot that are like ours to preserve our world while still maintaining your hobbies and lifestyle.

Any questions? Feel free to Contact Us with the number listed on the site or Email us at: hello@biodegradablegolfballs.com

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