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    Biodegradable Golf Balls – 3 Ball Sleeve


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    Water Soluble. Zero Waste. No Microplastics. Huge Fun. That is the world we intend to create with the Biodegradable Golf Balls.

    Here at www.biodegradablegolfballs.com we know you can have fun and not be a jerk at the same time! Our balls are can be enjoyed anywhere!  Parties, Events, Cruise Ships and Resorts. Do Also great for individuals with Yachts or Water/Beach Front Property.

    The little golf ball has ended up causing big environmental issues. Regular golf balls lost in the oceans and lakes add, slowly breaking down and releasing toxic chemicals and microplastics. That is why we developed fully biodegradable golf ball!

    You have probably seen our product featured on your local golf or eco products blog. Perhaps you heard about us on the radio or read about us in the news but are wondering what we are all about. That is why we set up these 3-packs so you can give us a try! After 3 your will want to go big and order the 144 pack!

    The 3-pack is perfect for gift exchanges that have a price limit! Perfect for that golfer you know that has everything and you need to get them a small gift.

    Why Use Dissolvable Golf Balls?

    Practical Uses:

    • Lake Side Golf
    • Ocean Side Golf
    • Riverside Golf
    • Driving Ranges around Bodies of Water
    • Yacht Parties
    • Cruise Ships
    • Fun Novelty Gifts
    Not For:

    • Professional golfing
    • Evil entities who want to infuse the oceans with microplastics
    • People who enjoy diving for golf balls
    • Boring Folks
    • Team Pollution

    Why Traditional Golf Balls in Water Suck

    Common Non-Biodegradable Golf Ball Materials:

    • Polybutadiene (High Resistance Synthetic Rubber Polymer)
    • Ionomer Resins (High Resistance Polymer Based Resins)
    • Urethane, Polyurethane (Common Plastics)


    These materials are not made to be lost in our waterways. They take hundreds of years to break down and are toxic to the ecosystem. It is estimated 300 million balls are lost in the USA alone every year!

    Microplastics are also released when your trusty regular ball slowly decays. These little pieces of plastic have been finding their way into every corner of the planet and are harmful to humans and animals alike.  Take the initiative to do your part while still maintaining your lifestyle with our Biodegradable Golf Balls.

    Timelapse of a golf ball dissolving in water.

    Dissolvable Golf Balls? How So?

    Our Water Soluble, Biodegradable & 100% Compostable Golf Balls are non-toxic and contain no form of heavy metals.

    We found 2 simple everyday materials to make our balls from. The main ingredient is Corn Starch and then we coat the balls with Polyvinyl Alcohol Coating (PVA) for protection.

    PVA is fully water-soluble, non-toxic and is a very common coating for Food and Medication being 100% non-mutagenic and non-clastogenic. We found after extensive testing that PVA is the perfect coating material. It protects the balls, giving them durability and integrity while also allowing them to break down once they are submerged in water.

    No need to hire a diver to retrieve your balls and there is no guilt in enjoying the satisfaction of driving balls into the great big blue with our Golf Balls.

    Manufactured From Two Materials Only:

    • Corn Starch
    • Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

    We generally ship anywhere in North America in under a week. If you have any special requests or Wholesale Inquires please Contact Us at:

    Enjoy Guilt-Free, Responsible Ocean, Sea, River & Lake Golfing!

    Curious or More Questions? Here’s our F.A.Q!

    Q: Are There Biodegradable Golf Balls?

    A: Yes, big time! You're on biodegradablegolfballs.com, one of the leading retailers and wholesalers of biodegradable golf balls, golf balls that dissolve in water, and eco-friendly golf balls.

    Q: What Are Biodegradable Golf Balls Made Out Of?

    A: It depends on the ball. At biodegradablegolfballs.com, we make our ball out of a mixture of harmless Polyvinyl Alcohol and Cornstarch. This combination produces a robust water-soluble golf ball that dissolves completely in water.

    Q: How Much Are Biodegradable Golf Balls?

    A: It depends on the ball. As with any good, the economy of scale is an important factor in pricing. Our golf balls retail in a large 24 pack for just $69.99 Canadian. If you're interested in large scale orders, we also provide customized wholesale pricing.

    Q: Are Biodegradable Golfballs Safe For Water?

    A: It depends on what you mean by safe. Biodegradable golf balls dissolve completely in water in a few weeks, as opposed to the centuries it might take plastic golf balls to break down - but be warned, they will dissolve in water, so it's not safe for the golf ball!

    Q: How Many Golf Balls Enter The Ocean Each Year?

    A: This number is currently unknown! That doesn't mean zero, though. Alex Weber, a renowned marine scientist focusing on plastic pollution, is currently preparing to release this exact number.

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