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    Biodegradable Golf Tees – 100 Pack – 2¾”


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    Meet the best alternative to the traditional golf status quo – Introducing our Biodegradable Golf Tee


    • 2 ¾” (69.85mm)
    • No Coating / Varnish
    • Degrades in 6 months
    • 1.5x Stronger than traditional wooden tees
    • Light Weight & Reusable
    • Have less friction than wooden golf tees

    Why Bamboo Golf Tees?

    Made out of naturally grown bamboo, this Biodegradable Golf Tee are much more long-lasting and tougher compared to a standard wooden golf tee; this means that it will be less prone to snapping easily and can be reused multiple times before needing to change. In addition, with our unique choice of excluding any coatings or varnishes, they also degrade and decompose quicker and thus, unlikely to cause any environmental-related issues.

    Furthermore, one fact that is often overlooked is that bamboos generally have a more rapid rate of growth compared to trees. Thus, a Bamboo Golf Tee can be considered more sustainable compared to a wooden golf tee. Hence, the Bamboo Golf Tees are, in fact, one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable golf tees in the market currently! Of course, the Bamboo Golf Tee is also superior in quality and not inferior in terms of performance to any other types of golf tees. Biodegradable Golf Canada’s Bamboo Golf Tee is now available in a 100 pack!

    Pros, Cons & Differences

    Curious to know what the differences between Bamboo & traditional tees are? Watch the video below or visit our blog post that takes a deep dive into the differences, pros, & cons.

    Golf Tees and Our Environment:

    Playing golf is certainly enjoyable and is a generally great, fun, and entertaining sport. But it is not commonly known that this sport is, in fact, not environmental-friendly and is constantly putting our world’s precious flora and fauna at risk.

    One of the biggest contributing factors that make golf such an unsustainable sport is due to its equipment, supplies, and tools used to play the game. For example, one of the most commonly used items in golf is arguably the golf tees.

    The main function of a golf tee is to elevate the ball so that the player can get a more accurate and powerful swing, and it is typically seen to be in use during the first shot of a new hole. Thus, it is not a surprise that golf tees must be frequently used to ensure performance.

    However, this is where the problem comes in. If the golf tees in use are made out of plastic, this means that large quantities of materials that cannot biodegrade properly are being released into the environment after one game. In the long run, this is an issue that mustn’t be overlooked and is extremely impactful to our environment.

    To address this problem, our team has provided you with the best solution: A golf tee made out of bamboo. Not only is it more environmentally friendly compared to your average golf tee, but it is also more resilient, tough, and reusable than any other types of tee. Do your part in saving our ecosystem and protecting our environment by purchasing our product Biodegradable Golf Canada’s Biodegradable Golf Tee.

    In our Biodegradable series, we also have the Biodegradable Golf Ball 144-pack which pairs perfectly with the Bamboo Golf Tee we are offering!

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