The Inaugural Sustainable Golf Week! October 3 – October 9, 2022

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Few sports have a more intimate relationship with the planet than golf, but few sports have a stronger platform from which to ins pire meaningful action. Let’s use it. #DrivingTheGreen

We exist at the nexus between the love for golf and love for the environment and we are not alone! The good folks over at Sustainable Golf are in the midst of one of the most innovative initiatives we have come across in a long time, Sustainable Golf Week. Sustainable golf week runs all week long, from October 3 to October 9, 2022. The event is united under the banner of #Drivingthegreen

The inaugural year of the initiative sees a lot of action across the golf industry and connected stakeholders. Everyone with an interest in golf and sustainability should check it out and get involved however they can! Simply bringing it up in conversation and sharing a perspective is one step forward in what is to be the week to look forward to every year. We are pumped to see how this progresses and how it will empower people to shape the industry in greener ways. The week is a great time to look both forward and backward. We can reflect on the great work done toward the goal of environmental sustainability and press onward to promote a greener future.

You probably know about our flagship product the biodegradable golf ball which was inspired by the many golf balls that are lost everyday. Regular golf balls should always be collected when they are shot, because if not then they take years to break down and leave behind chemicals and microplastics that are harmful to the environment.

We also make a fully biodegradable golf tee!  Check out our full write-up on why our bamboo tees might be for you. Bamboo is considered a “rapidly renewable” resource because of how fast it grows and it’s also a huge carbon sink.

Our whole mission is to promote environmental stewardship and to sell a product that is good for the environment and try to solve the problem of golf ball pollution.  Our products are fully biodegradable and made to break down and leave nothing behind but good memories.

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