Top Sustainable Golf Products to Keep an Eye Out for in 2023

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The Must-Have Sustainable Golf Products of 2023

When you think of golf, do you immediately think of a sport that’s environmentally friendly? If not, then I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad golf can be for the environment. 

While it’s true that some golf clubs or resorts do take steps to reduce the environmental impact it leaves behind (i.e., minimizing carbon footprint by recycling and other measures), it’s very much still regarded as a sport that is harmful to the environment. 

But now more than ever before, people are starting to ask themselves: “Can I really afford to do this to the environment?” and we began seeing a trend where consumers are increasingly switching to more sustainable golf products. In return, this forces the companies to change their ways or risk losing business. 

Hence, today’s post brings you the top golf products that are sustainable and environmental-friendly you should have.

1.) Clean Strike – 150 mL

Clean Strike - Golf Cleaner

One of the most popular and in-demand sustainable golf products is arguably Clean Strike by Verta Golf, a company that specializes in creating, designing, and manufacturing sustainable golf products.

Clean Strike is a golf club cleaning spray that comes in a 150ml bottle made out of recycled plastics from Prevented Ocean Plastic; an organization that specializes in sourcing and utilizing plastics that would have otherwise been dumped into the ocean. (Fun fact: Prevented Ocean Plastic has already prevented more than 9600 bottles from reaching the ocean!)

Other than the sustainable aspect, Clean Strike also offers its customers quality, performance, and versatility: in terms of quality, the eco-friendly golf club spray achieves instant results with minimal effort; with one spray and one wipe, your golf clubs will be rust-free and clean. In addition, it also removes all kinds of oil left on the surface of the golf clubs by your hands instantaneously.

In terms of performance, Clean Strike is specifically formulated to boost both the shot accuracy and ball spin rate after applying one layer of it on your golf clubs. Last but not least, in regards to the versatility aspect of Clean Strike, although it was technically intended for cleaning golf clubs in general, it can actually be used to clean a wide variety of golf products, including but not limited to: golf bags, golf balls, and golf shoes.

With these remarkable features of Clean Strike, it is to be expected that it has gained such traction within the golfing community and skyrocketed in terms of sales. So, if you’re ever looking for an effective, environmentally friendly, and affordable product that cleans not just your golf club but a wide range of other golf products as well, Clean Strike 150ml is your best bet.

2.) The Bigger Ball Sustainable Bamboo Golf Tees

The Bigger Ball - Bamboo Tees

Golf tees are arguably one of the most essential products that any golf, whether amateur or professional, must own. 

However, unknown to the majority of golfers, a conventional golf tee made out of plastic is, in fact, one of the most harmful and toxic products to the environment and our ecosystem; this is largely due to the fact that a plastic golf tee is not biodegradable and may release toxins when it does start decomposing.

Enter The Bigger Ball’s Bamboo Golf Tees. Not only are their golf tees made out of 100% bamboo without the addition of any other synthetic materials, but The Bigger Ball also ensures that the bamboos they source are from ethical and responsible companies. 

In addition, these golf tees also contain unique designs that are traced with fully biodegradable ink, ensuring that no harm is done or inflicted on our environment when it decomposes. 

In terms of its performance, The Bigger Ball golf tees are also extremely durable, meaning you can use them more frequently without having to replace them (which, in the long run, actually helps you save money). 

What’s more, in comparison with a conventional golf tee made out of plastic, bamboo golf tees are, in fact, much more flexible and are less likely to snap. Thus, this allows you to play to your heart’s content without having to worry about the condition of your golf tee.

Lastly, one interesting fact about bamboo: they are arguably the fastest-growing species of plant in the world, with some known to reach full maturity (height) within three months/90 days! So, there is literally no need to worry about the extinction of bamboo or its over-exploitation of it.

The Bigger Ball also offers a wide variety of sizes and specifications for the bamboo golf tees they offer, including:

  • 25mm (GREEN)
  • 32mm (RED)
  • 39mm (BLUE)
  • 45mm (YELLOW)
  • 59mm (PINK) (as illustrated in the image above)
  • 83mm (THE LONG ONE)

3.) Bando – Sustainable Golf Towels

Bando - Bamboo Golf Towels

In the words of Bando’s Founder, Lucas Lee: “Our ambition is to reuse the plastic that is already in the world and produce a premium product that can be beneficial to the sporting world!” Just as they promised, Bando has delivered.

As a company that envisions the reusability of plastics around the world and provides consumers with a premium product that brings the maximum value for their money, the Bando golf towels are definitely one of the top sustainable products that you should keep a look out for.

Perhaps one of its most unique features is its “1 For 1KG” program: For every towel you purchase from Bando, they will fund the collection and recycling of 1 kilogram of plastics that would have otherwise been headed and disposed of in the ocean (which, if you have been following this post so far, should know is pretty bad for the environment).

Not just that, in terms of sustainability, Bando’s golf towels are also made and manufactured with certified recycled plastic; Global Recycling Standard is an organization that inspects, regulates, and certifies recycled plastics programs and procedures around the world to ensure that they all meet the minimum requirements and are all ethically produced.

In terms of its versatility, Bando may have marketed their towels under the golfing category, but they can actually be used as sports towels in general. So, if you do play any other sports, Bando’s towels are also a great choice and pickup.

The last thing to note about Bando’s golf towel is its fresh and appealing look, with many different designs to choose and select from, you can rest assured that it is unlikely for another person to share the same towel as you on the course!

4.) Tomorrow Golf Sustainable Golf Balls

Tomorrow Golf's - Golf Balls

One of the main perpetrators that led many to consider golf to be environmentally harmful as a sport is undoubtedly golf balls. This largely stems from the fact that golf balls are often made out of materials that are toxic to the ecosystem when released.

Furthermore, conventional golf balls are also not biodegradable which means that it will take a long (like very, very, very long) time for them to decompose without any artificial intervention.

Well, Tomorrow Golf is one of the biggest challenges to this issue within the golf products industry: by recycling these used golf balls that are either too worn out or simply lost, Tomorrow Golf breathes a new life into them and transforms them into a brand-new, sustainable golf ball.

Its exact procedure for recycling and reusing discarded golf balls has also been transparently divulged to its customers on its website and is summarized below:

For newer golf balls that were discarded, Tomorrow Golf collects them and resells them on the second-hand market which is an excellent, low-cost option that directly contributes to the sustainability and protection of our environment.

Older and more worn-out golf balls will have to be processed by Tomorrow Golf where its core (made out of Polybutadiene) will be the main component that is reused. Then, a new layer of coating (made out of Soft Surlyn) is placed on the core and, voila, you have a brand-new, sustainable golf ball that is 90% recycled from discarded, older golf balls.

The cherry on top of Tomorrow Golf’s product is that the packaging itself is environmental-friendly as it is made out of recycled materials that are sourced ethically and responsibly.

Also, if you order a 16 golf-balls pack, it comes with a free eco-friendly and biodegradable golf tee! Grab yours now before it’s too late!

5.) Reflo – Sustainable Golf Apparel

Reflo Sustainable Golf Wear

Another golf brand that you should keep an out for is Reflo – a sustainable golf apparel company that aims to bring forth innovation by continuously pushing the boundaries of sustainability and recycling.

Ranging from caps, hoodies, and shirts to trousers, jackets, and sweaters, Reflo offers its customers a wide-ranging of apparel suitable for golfers from anywhere around the world in any kind of climate.

What’s more, Reflo’s fashion sense and artistic designs are to be reckoned with, introducing minimalistic and yet futuristic styles, their apparels are definitely a must-have for any golfers that places just much emphasis on their skills as well their image.

In terms of its philosophy, Reflo is not satisfied with just minimizing the environmental impact its products might cause: its objective is to leave and create a positive impact on our environment and ecosystem.

And exactly how would they do that you ask?

Well, in several different ways:

  • All their products are certified to be sustainable and made out of official recycled materials by numerous international global organizations, including Global Recycled Standard, Bluesign, Oetko-Tex, and U Trust.
  • Reflo converts not just regular plastics (although they are arguably the most abundant source of non-biodegradable materials) but also other recyclable materials such as coffee beans!
  • All apparels and collections produced by Reflo are meticulously and precisely designed, manufactured, and released to the customers in order to ensure that there is no waste; Reflo does not partake in any form of fast fashion.

So, if you are ever looking for a trendy outfit for your golf sessions, do give Reflo a try as they are one of the leading clothing and apparel companies that actively promotes sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

6.) Biodegradable Golf Balls – 24 Pack

Biodegradable Golf Balls - 24 Pack

Last but not least, Biodegradable Golf Balls – 24 Pack is also a bestseller within the golf community and one of the most popular products that you absolutely should keep an eye out for!

We can’t guarantee that our golf balls will help you get out of the sand traps, or that they won’t make your putts go in the water. But we can guarantee that our golf balls are made from 100% biodegradable materials and are environmentally friendly.

They’re made from mostly Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). So, if you hit one of these balls into the water, it will dissolve naturally over time—just like all plants do when they die.

Furthermore, Polyvinyl Alcohol is water-soluble, non-toxic, and commonly found in both food and medication coatings.

Lastly, we’re proud to be the first and only golf ball manufacturer in the world to produce this ball. So, join us in our mission to make golf a safer sport for our planet!


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